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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  January 25, 2013 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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>> it took 60 years but one man got in the justice he was looking for. dave bell wrote a letter to the candy company in 1952 after he found a twig in his candy. fast forward now, and the company found the left, and the company is shipping a replacement nut roll. captioned by closed captioning services inc. >> my >> shepard: the news begins on "studio b." millions of people in bone are chilling cold. it is really bad for those suffering from the hurricane,
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and another weather nightmare is about to come at us. >> a top health officially warning of an apocalyptic threat, the overuse of antibiotics. and how would you like to live in a multimillion dollar mansion for free. i mean, for nothing. a guy in florida, moved in didn't pay a dime. is he in trouble? no. it's all ahead, unless breaking news changes everything on "studio b." >> first from fox at 3:00 in new york. the extreme cold snap has brought new misery to victims of superstorm sandy. families still trying to put their lives back together from a storm that happened three months ago. you can see just how cold it feels when you factor in the wind chill in the teens in
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chicago. which just had 11 months with no snow, when a flew flakes at hare, and even the water has frozen around this fountain here, it's still running. >> we have a heating system underneath. the water going to keep coming and coming and coming. the water going to still by running. >> texas accent there? it has not been oozy for those with homeses in the path of sandy. firefighters are going door-to-dire to check on people. families have to re-apply every couple of weeks and aid workers
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have to set up the warming tent. what kind of help are they offering, david lee? >> well, shepard, there's a tent city set up and it's really cold. this about of water is freezen solid. it was sitting outside. folks can warm up in heaters in the tent. but look at this fedex trailer, supplies donated. baby food, baby supplies, beach, paper towels, and here's the other side. the pallets are filled with food donated by the red cross. so this is place to get something to eat, watch television, get information, place for many people to share in the community spirit as the brace for what could be another tough storm? >> there is still a community spirit out there? i'd be mad as a wet hornet. >> there's a great community spirit out here.
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surprisingly, men of the folk wes talked to are in very good spirits. there's a come -- component of frustration, but the overwhelming number of people say they have a warm place to see often thanks to the u.s. government. one man says his home is in disrepair. his name is steve chat ty, a roofer. he says he and his three other family members are living in a rented basement and for the time being, that's the best they can do, and they are grateful for that. when they talk about tent city, they say without it they couldn't have survived. here's what he said. >> this place is basically the best thing that ever happened to us after the storm. they been here since day one. they help everybody in the community, from food, drinks, down to diapers, and you name
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it. people relied on this place after the hurricane. >> now there is concern this snowstorm expected to arrive in a few hours could be difficult to cope with, especially here with these very fragile tents, and late not forget, winter continues for many more months. >> shepard: yes, it does, david lee, thanks for the work. look at this video crews in northeast massachusetts. icicles forming on their go. they have to watch where they step because water turns to ice quickly. here's how the arctic air swept over the united states last weekend. now freezing rain could be on the way for parts of the south. you need to make this end, dude. enough already. we had two good winters. this is student.
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>> last winter was so nice that anything now seems really miserable. this cold certainly is something we haven't seen in a very long time. today is day six of this cold snap. we have a couple more days and then we see a temporary improvement. this is the snowstorm we're talking about. not a huge snowstorm. the biggs problem is this area to the south. parts of tennessee and carolina. the stuff is falling as rain and then hits the group and freezes on contact. so that's causing very dangerous conditions on the roads in the south. looking into the future. throughout the afternoon, we'll see freezing rain and another three to four hours of this across the north carolina area. by the time we get towards 7:00, 8:00 tonight, going to be done, going to pull offshore. we'll see snow moving across parts of new jersey and new york city and a lot of areas impacted by sandy.
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the snow totals will be an inch to two inches around dc. so for the most part not a huge snow but any snow -- >> you mentioned it's going to warm up. >> a little bit. today we have another very cold one, and then the temps here over the next couple of days. you can see a slight improvement. right now we see the wind chills anywhere from single digits to end to degrees for a lot of people. today's temps into the teens and lower 20s. tomorrow, mid-to-upper 20s back in here. it's an improvement. 30s for almost everybody. so, it improves. monday, tuesday, shep, we're going to see two days of 40s and 50s in this area before the cold comes back again thursday or . so. >> shepard: 75 andy in ft. lauderdale. >> don't say that. >> shepard: i want to go. the obama administration may be headed to the supreme court after a legal setback for the
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president today. a federal appeals court ruled that president obama violated the constitution when he sidestepped the united states senate to fill open spots on the labor relations panel. the court says the power did -- president did not have their power. the president said the senate was not in session. the course said it was. some analysts are calling this unanimous decision an emberrassing setback for the president. president obama said he made the appointment of the senate republicans blocked every single thing we did. >> they've idea a rule where they stayed in session but nobody was there. >> they have a couple of people come in and hold, literally, a minute session, and then recess for a couple more days and then old another minute session.
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they were doing this especially or specifically to avoid saying they were in n recess so the president couldn't make recess appointment. he said they weren't really in session so he appointed three people to the nlrb. this is a year ago, january of 2012. that's they've made hundreds of decisions, these three guys and another member of the board, and now the court says they were never actually appoint, which calls into question whether any of the decisions the nlrb made last year are legal? >> what happens now? >> it's one case that was one specific case of a business busn in washington state. so the question is whether it goes just to his case or all the cases. but i think you'll see anybody whole did not like a decision they made in the last year is going to now say, well, under this ruling, we shouldn't have to abide by that, either, and
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that's a good rope why it may good to the supreme court. interestingly enough, the same day he made that recess appoint end he appointed a guy named richard cordray, the job that elizabeth warrant started. and under the same legal reasoning these their kaye same. >> what did you think of manti te'o. >> i didn't think he was a very good linebacker. he had a good season. >> what about this girlfriend/not girlfriend thing know, interesting thing out there? >> well, you mean -- die think he made it up? >> yeah. do you think this is part of a hoax to get publicity? >> i watched a little bit of the katie couric interview yet yesterday, and i think he may just be dangerously naive. >> even when he tried to facetime with her and she wasn't there?
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>> it's a little odd. he was in san diego and supposed hill she had this terrible injury and he loved her but didn't take the time to go see her in the hospital. i would hope you'd do that for me. >> shepard: i don't even like you ski would do that. >> that's what i figure. >> shepard: my point is there's 10,000 girls at notre dame and a couple million in the surrounding area who would be happy to date the all-star. i don't get it. do you? >> well, casey couric asked him if he was gay, and he said -- >> if he wanted a guy, he would date a guy. i don't get this online thing. just do it. >> this just shows how old you are. those of us with the younger generation, we like online relationshipses. >> those who work one day a week, sunday. you got one show. one -- whenever you -- >> you always go to the one day a week. >> it's one day a week, chris. >> i try to explain to you, it's
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quality, not quantity. >> when there's quality, call me, i'm going to watch. i'm kidding you. i watch you every sunday. who do you like in the super bowl? >> i have a theory that people are going to go with the -- where you fit in the family. if you're the older brother, you go with john harbaugh. upper brother, jim harbaugh. i'm going with jim harbaugh. >> this sunday, i'm going to watch your show all day on the dvr. here is who is coming on. a retired air force colonel, martha mcfalley, and general jerry boykin and talk about women in combat. it's a big fox news sunday. chris, kind of you. >> always a pleasure, shepard smith i'm sure. one woman claims her date tried to kill her. seriously.
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>> shepard: now the woman who is suing over -- i told you about the commercial break. had her skull bashed in. she is suing for $10 million, claiming the online date guy tried to kill her. stabbed her ten times and kicked her in the face. she says he had to have -- she had to have multiple surgeries. doctors fixed the jaw, saved her eyesight and hearing. but had to replace part of her head. she says doesn't
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scan its members, and says it isn't responsible for the actions of one sick individual. >> you run this same risk if you date somebody in person. if she met somebody or you go out on a date and he kicked her in the face and stab her, don't now how you get to sue >> and that's what says. we post clearly on the web site that you date at your own risk. the woman is mary kay bettman, and she claims her attacker attacked her and then later moved to arizona, met another woman on and murdered her. it's unclear if he met the second woman on but he was convicted of the second murder and later killed himself in prison. the lawsuit says because people pay for, they're supposed to feel safer, but says, look, the site does not do background checks but legal experts say that the
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lawsuit may change that. listen. >> this case, depending on how it's either settled or if there was a verdict, could change the responsibilities and obligations on these dating web sites to force them to do some sort of a cursory investigation on the individual they're putting on the site. as of right this second day don't need to. >> and right now, responds by saying, safety is very important to match. we list online and offline safety tips in multiple places on the site. we check, and they do in fact do that. >> shepard: loses this thing, man, i mean, they're down the road, these webses are going to be hard to have. >> they've lost before -- they've settled before. saying there was a previous lawsuit and it resulted in some changes back in 2011. a woman in california was sexually assaulted by someone she met on she sued, and they settled, in
12:20 pm agreed to check members against the national sex predator registry. and here's mary kay bettman. >> if i can save one person from not being in the situation that they're lured into with a false sense of security, or if i can save somebody from being hurt or making a different decision with their online dating choices, that's my goal. >> it could be a lofty goal. went online and not a single dating online program offers these full background checks. so it may not happen. >> shepard: trace, thank you. >> a new warning about deadly antibiotic resistance diseases. a problem so serious now one expert claims that before long, going to the hospital for simple surgery could be a death
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12:25 pm
anniversary of the changeover, the same scene, protests and violence. people say more than 1 been home were hurt in clashes between between police and demonstrators. the country is sill divided. the islasts are against the secular religions. jonathan hunt is here. hard to know whether egypt moved backward or forward. >> you can make an argument either way. we're just getting word via reuters that medics are saying in the city of suez at least four people have been killed by gunfire. and you look look at the square, they're saying the economy is the same and have swapped a secular dictatorship for another one. i spoke to a professor of
12:26 pm
diplomacy at harvard, and he said that who would have predicted two years ago egypt would still have a strong work relationship with the u.s., would have stood by the camp david peace accord so perhaps there's room for optimism. >> there is, i think, a ray of hope this keystone country, this very important country in the middle of the arab world, might be able to move forward, hasp in a very problematic way but not terribly destabilizing. >> listen to the caution in that as well. not tremendously destabilizing for the region. nobody knows the future. >> shepard: we don't have much strategy and the rest of the region is a disaster. >> of course, it is not just egypt we're concerned about right now. the events recently, the taking of hostages at the gas facility in al jeer a, set alarm bells ringing about the work of islamic extremists, and you look
12:27 pm
right across the region, libya egypt, tune knee should, algeria, and mali. and nicholas burns again said this could go on for lang time. >> we have to be concerned because america has direct interests stake and we care about the region and want them to proceed towards democracy and towards reform if that's possible. but i think your question is a very good one, because at the same time, we're looking at generational change, and it may be we don't see the future map of the middle east. doesn't reveal itself for another 10 for -- 10 for years. >> so probably chaos for another ten 20 years, who benefits? usually the extremists. >> shepard: so, you need a house? just go take one. the story of a squatter, a guy who just moved in to a
12:28 pm
multimillion dollar house, foreclosed mansion, and he just gets to live there the cops can't do anything. it's because of a crazy and quite an secure florida law. look at the house. there he goes. just hop right in there and live. god bless florida. coming up in just a minute.
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>> shepard: this is "studio b." it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news.
12:32 pm
turns out you don't need to be a millionaire to live like one, not in florida. the guy who moved into his multimillion dollar mansion without paying a dime, doesn't own it, because of a bizarre loophole. police say the squatter set up house inside a foreclosure mansion. when the cops pulled up to kick him out, he pulled out the paperwork. under the old florida law there's nothing police can do about it. look at the neighborhood. just one posh place after another, and as you might imagine the squatters neighbors are not happy. one is so upset she is 2012 buy the foreclosed house as well. wow. what is this -- i don't get it. >> it is tough to understand, shepard. there is a 19th century law on the books of florida called adverse possession, and every year individuals or families try to claim abandoned houses inch
12:33 pm
most cases it's an individual or family looking for shelter and they choose a mid-foreclosed his in this case a 23-year-old pick ina mighty million dollar home in a tony neighborhood and he is posting his exploits on social media. >> shepard: what are the neighbors saying? it's boca raton, man. >> it's a mixed bag. some are actually saying, hat's off, but most are pretty angry about the situation. >> got to hand it to him. a beautiful place. no one else is living in there. >> most of the neighbors around this area are pretty active in the association, and they're not happy. nobody is happy. we all spent a lot of money. >> even as the eviction process against the map continues, he has to come up with 40,000 daz year in property taxes to try to hang on to this house for the
12:34 pm
next seven years. >> shepard: so if he can pay the property taxes he can just stay there. >> most of these case end in eviction. bank of america owns the house and say they're proceeding with eviction but he has the papers. police have been there and no one has kicked him out yet. >> shepard: thank you, steve. how did a law get on the bookness the first place? gary, don't get it. the palm trees look great behind you but you have to pay for this stuff. >> your sure do but the law doesn't want a perfectly good property going to waste. so if someone is going to good into a property and take care of it and the tax collect you're, they can live there and if they live there long enough without the real owner interceding they can make it a reality reality of opening it. >> people say you don't pay taxes in florida. this house you pay $40,000 a
12:35 pm
year, and that's the reason the law exists, they want their money. >> that has a lot to do with it. >> so if he comes up with themake there's nothing bank of america can do? what i they say we want to sell it? >> actually, back of america can file an ejectment action, and if they can prove there's a rightful owner, they can have him put out. >> if that's the case thanksgiving the law was protecting him. >> the law will protect him from being thrown out without the real owner interceding. opposite the real owner comes during the seven-year period they can have him thrown out. what happens often is the real owner never comes back or the bank forgets they own it. >> knowing florida real estate and what has happened over the last ten years, i'd surprised if a big red bank can prove
12:36 pm
anything. >> certainly going to ben a concern. >> i hope the gets to keep the house. bank of america doesn't need a house. >> if you're going to live in a house, live in one like this. >> i'm telling the homeless guy on the corner, in mat handat that time, get to boca, here's a bus ticket. a lot of houses empty in boca. >> there sure are. >> a man accused of dragging a sheriff's deputy with his car now faces all kinds of charges. look at the dash cam video. again, florida. the news could not exit's exist without florida. a security guard accused the suspect of stealing sunglasses and two tubes of lipstick. the deputy is trying to arrest the guy. but he gets back in the car and takes off. he pulled the deputy for like
12:37 pm
20 feet. law enforcement officers found the suspect in the attic of his own home, and just when he was about to surrender, he reportedly fell through the ceiling and into the garage. investigators say he tried escaping one more time for good measure. as the officer took him to hospital, he is under arrest. thank goodness the deputy is fine. >> now to the dire warning that antibiotic resistant superbugs could lead to an apocalyptic scenario. his words. doctors have been saying overuse of antibiotics creates drug-resistant diseases. but great britain's chief medical officer says the rise of such diseases could be as catastrophic as massive terrorist attack, a flu pandemic or natural disaster. researchers have been coming up
12:38 pm
with new antibiotics as the old ones stop working but there's concern the pipeline is running dry. with us now, dr. frank esper from university hospital of cleveland case weren't. is this overblown or is she on point? >> she is actually really on point. these germs have been around for a long time and we've been using antibiotic for decades. after year the germs are becoming more and more tolerant or even outright resistant to them. so the new generation office bacteria require new generations of antibiotics and we're getting to point where we no lowering have the new generations of antibiotic to combat the bacteria. >> we're worried about government drones and al qaeda and we ought to be worried about bacteria. >> it's not the bacteria are becoming more aggressive, but it's a fight between the patient and the infection, and it's a fight that can only have one
12:39 pm
winner, either you win or the germ wins. the antibiotic tips the scale -- the balance into the favor of the patient, and in some cases, some patients, they're really sick. the guy who just fell through the garage over there, okay, he is probably going to need some antibiotics if he has a lot of trauma and germs that came through the whole event. they need these antibiotics so that we can help them get through the infection. >> shepard: what are we supposed to do? >> the best thing to do, one is to assist drug companies in coming up with these new drugs, and new antibiotics. the large pharmaceutical injury has pulled back. they're no longer interested as much in trying to find the new antibiotic. so it's all these small little startup bio tech companies trying to make the new antibiotics. they don't have the ability, the financeses to make a lot of the studies, so we need to brick down the regulation a little bit. we need to also encourage new
12:40 pm
companies into risking some of their capital in order to develop this knew antibiotics and then we need to give them the leeway in order to make a profit after they make the antibiotics. >> shepard: the health official in great britain says in 20 years it's going to be dangerous to go to the hospital. do you think? >> i don't think it's going to be dangerous to go to the hospital. infections happen anywhere. there -- the reason the hospitals get a lot of rye sis stand organisms is because where i is where we see the sickest of the sick, the cancer patients and a transplant patient and people or steroids who don't have much immunity and they're dependent on the antibiotics to help them get through any infection. >> thanks so much. >> very good to be here. >> shepard: yesterday we reported that merchants in 40 states will be allowed to charge swipe fees. in other words, charge you more
12:41 pm
for using your credit card than cash, 4% more. now we're learning which businesses plan to actually forego the fee and help the customer. plus, afghanistan has long been the world's largest supplier of opium. the raw ingreedent for heroin. ever wonder how they smuggle it out? a new report claims afghanistan's national airlines plays a big role. afghanistan. it's their only cash crop. what are we doing? [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit.
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which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. if you have a history heart or blood vsel problems, tell your doctor if you have new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. with chantix and with the support system it worked. it worked for me. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >> shepard: seems everybody is in on it. u.s. officials are accusing a major afghan airline of using passenger planes to smuggle their drugs. according to the wall street journal, which our parent company owns, the largest airline in afghanistan has been flying opium in bulk on the same plane it carries passengers. the u.s. military has barred the airline from get anything
12:45 pm
contracts with our government. they don't need contracts with ourovernment. they're flying drugs oregon. afghanistan is the world's number one source of heroin. way above everyone else. hamid karzai's now dead brother was long suspected of being a drug kingpin. fox news sources confirm he was a kingpin. we reported yesterday at this time about new fees that stores can start charging you just to use your credit card. now we're hearing from retailers about whether they're planning to get onboard in the past the stores had to pay the fees to credit cards. beginning sunday the companies have been able to pass the charges on to customer, which they're already doing but they: ten states outlaw the fees in
12:46 pm
other 40 states there's nothing to stand charges from using using -- from using a card. >> they factor their fees in. they don't just get money from the heavens. so if they're going to lower the prices of all their stuff, then add the fee. but this ain't right. >> that's not happening. the other option is to charge a lower price to people paying car. but they're not doing that, either. that's one woman's view. hears what we're hearing. we called macy's, they said our company is not planning any credit card surcharges. >> planning. >> uh-huh. kroger says we continue to explore ways to innocentize shoppers to pay cash, and we also got an earful. they're so angry about this.
12:47 pm
they say the credit card companies are trying to make them look bad and not a single merchant wants to charge the identifies. >> it's like bag fees. the first time we jumped up and down, and then everybody started doing it. they're all going to do it. if they can get the money, they're going to do it. what do you think of manti te'o? i'm just more interested in that. charging the fees, maybe not tomorrow but they're going to charge them. >> i think, yuck. >> come on, what do you think? >> i think the whole thing is yucky. >> it's more than yucky. i cannot figure it out? >> who are these people who do this kind of stuff? >> i don't know. manti te'o, the most eligible person on the entire notre dame campus. >> eligible for what? >> eligible to date anyone he wants. anybody. he runs the football team. going to the national football league. a superstar. he is -- did you go to a
12:48 pm
four-year college where they play football? >> i went to a four-year college. >> the big man on campus from the football team can date anybody him wants. anybody. and they'll pay for it. >> your point is? >> my point is why have an imagine -- imaginary online friend. >> she did but didn't die. the face timed with her but she wasn't there. >> he is the stupidest young manage we ever met or isn't telling the whole truth. >> he comes off sounding right. >> jonathan, what happened? >> what happened to what? >> all these weird questions. none of them are answered. maybe this ojournallists -- >> shepard: when you can date anybody on earth, why have a fake relationship with somebody who doesn't exist?
12:49 pm
>> i'm the wrong man to ask. >> shepard: you and jerry dated online for years. i could dream something up. maybe this is it without having in the facts. you come up a scenario under which this makes sense. i can't. katy asked him if he was gay. if you're gay it's stupid to have an online girlfriend as your beard. i can't figure out anything that works. >> maybe he just likes duping people. some people like that. >> shepard: i suppose. weird. >> faking people out. then there's this girl north girl, guy -- i like the story. can't wait to see how it end. >> i'll lead with it on the fox report if i can talk the producers into it, which i doubt. >> they take you seriously. >> shepard: i just read the
12:50 pm
words. >> millions of americans usually show up on monday after the super bowl tired and hungover, right? if they show up at all. except on the west coast writ starts earlier. why not cancel everybody's work on the monday after super bowl sunday. up next you'll immediate the guy who is pret televisioning president -- petitioning president obama to make the day after the super bowl a federal holiday. think it will work? >> don't mess with an army vet in a wheelchair. one would-be robber learned the hard way. this is $100,000. we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally.
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>> shepard: rescue worker found himself in over his head while he was trying to save a strand teenager. started with -- jonathan look. started with a boy stuck in
12:54 pm
rushing flood waters. jonathan is text messaging. you can see the rescuer made it out to the teenager okay but getting back would be harder. the surging water knocked the pair right off their feet. look at this. they could barely keep their heads above water. the current then swept them both away but the teen grabbed ahold of the branch to save himself but the water swept the rescue worker under the bridge. somehow he eventually made it out, and both of them will be okay. >> now, the super bowl. the day after the super bowl should name holiday. -- should be national holiday. we now this. that is a proposal of football pans and their petition has 3,000 signatures. the petition argues that making superbell monday a holiday across the country would, quote, keep the streets safer for our children ionicize night and
12:55 pm
monday morning, promote a productive work place when work resumes on tuesday, and honor the most popular event in modern american culture. right on every point. josh moore founded the thing. and josh is with us. sadly only on the telephone. josh, you deserve all the credit and good luck in the world. this is brilliant. how did you come up with this? >> thanks, man. basically this is an issue that i talked with my friends about for years. i was actually on the white web site, which is a fantastic site, and i thought this is a super bowl coming up, a good time to bring this out there. i did a brief polling of people on twitter and i found nobody that isn't kind of on that side of the aisle. so, hopefully we got all these issues out there that kind of
12:56 pm
divide us into -- ask this is something everybody can get hind. >> i'm at white house dove gov gov. what do i do to find the petition? >> go to petitions. >> petitions.white >> and it will be on the first page or search for it by super bell. let's see. i always hear about these petitions. this is the first one i ever cared about. all right. >> you have to sign up with your e-mail address do. >> oh, i ain't giving the white house my e-mail address. they'll come to my house -- no, the government doesn't get my e-mail address. >> use fake one. >> people just go here. petitions.white hou white search for super bowl. you got to create a login. they're not going to get me. so sign up, debt the petition
12:57 pm
called? >> called declare the monday following the super bowl a national holiday, and that's the main aim here, and i'm glad it's picking up a bit of steam. >> that's a horrible name. you need a headline, not war and peace. but go on there and find that petition, sign that petition, and make the monday after the super bowl a holiday. do it fast. because the super bowl is in, like two weeks. hurry. it's a new day.
12:58 pm
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